Even Dave Has A Kryptonite…

IMG_7627This handsome guy right here with the fantastic wife and two adorable boys is Dave. If you know Dave, you know that his ability to create cute kids isn’t his only super power. He golfs like Tiger at his apex and is the Bo Jackson of coaching (Baseball, Football & Basketball). He is an artist and a builder. Banksy once called his murals “next level” and Ty Pennington calls frequently for carpentry advice. Like all Superheroes, Dave has a kryptonite…

Dave needs a kidney transplant ASAP. Due to a chronic kidney disease, Dave has been maintaining low kidney function for many years and unfortunately the time has come where he is in end-stage kidney failure and he has about 5% function left.

The organ donation list is 5+ years long so a LIVING DONOR is the best option to avoid such a long wait and help Dave to live a normal, healthy life. Also, living donor kidneys last twice as long as one from the organ donor list.

How Can You Help?                                                                                                                  

*Please consider being a living donor. Transplant living donors are tested for a blood type match first. Dave is O+.  Luckily, O is the most common type of blood type. You can be O+ or O-. Learn more about the donor process on the next page or click here.

Should you not be O blood type, there are kidney exchange programs in place so all blood types are welcome.

*Please help spread the word about Dave’s search for a living kidney donor by sharing this information with your family and friends & by joining the Facebook Community Page here.

*Please reach out to us with questions or if you are interested in donating by either contacting Sarah Gibb, Donor Coordinator at RI Hospital  401-444-3091 (mention you are interested in testing to see if you’re a match for David Shaw) or submitting an email below. You can also call Dave or Melissa Shaw at any time at 401.419.5163

We want Dave to stay the same vibrant and active Daddy to his 2 young boys, Jonathan and Hudson, husband to Melissa, golfing partner, coach, and wonderful friend that he’s always been to all of us.

We are so appreciative.

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